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The Two Week Experiment - Final Days and Conclusion

Final three Days and Conclusion - 14/9/12 - 16/9/12 - I was called back to Plymouth early. I have continued the meditations with OM Harmonics and  The Silva Method. I have found them both useful. In conclusion for OM Harmonics I will say that all there pieces work and if you want to get the result of a medatitive mind from day one by just listening then this is the things for you. The only shortfall is that they dont provide you with quick access triggers and the shortest peice is 15 minutes, so you need this amount of time at least. The other con is the CD is around $75 (£50ish) at its cheapest depending on where you get it from and what deals you choose. An expensive shortcut!!! The website is

The Silva Method is a very polished system that equips you with many techniques that are useful and an older set of tones. No pleasant music here but I will say everrything they provide is spot on and work very well. They do provide you with a mountain of triggers with these techniques and they work. So many pros, the only con is the price  which also came in around $80 (£50ish) which is expensive and thats just for downloads and not CDs. However you do get a monutain of matarial for your money. Also an upgraded  version has just being released so prices may go up again see

Both these systems work well. For more information on meditation and its benefits see my article

The Two Week Experiment - Day Eleven - 13/9/12

Day Eleven - 13/9/12 - Did “Awakening” and “Focus” and “Spark” all on the bounce. Definitely get a boost from using at least one of them, not so sure if three make a vast difference over doing the one, but just the one pays dividends. I feel more vibrant which I would after getting back into things for this length of time but I must admit that the OM Harmonics have helped, the Silva Method Screen is a good technique, it is similar or in fact the same as the TV technique I use to activate the third eye when I give guided meditations

The Two Week Experiment - Day 10 - 12/9/12

Day Ten - 12/9/12 - “Awakening” Certainly seem to take me through Alpha slowly but with none of the normal side affects of waking up such as feeling like I dont want to get out of bed, feeling lethargic and not alert when I do. The hardest thing for meditation is getting up and getting the motivation to spend half an hour on the cushion meditating. With Awakening I do the half an hour in bed listening to that and by the end can leap out and onto the cushion pretty much. It does work and a lot better than the normal alternative. I used the QEG in the new configuration for healing and got a lot of vibration through the  keystone, the other four stones formed a funnel like shape for the energy. Tomas was there faintly sending energy to my throat chakra, the energy was great. This evening I did another meditation with the OM Harmonics “Spark”, Tomas came in strong as did my other guides. They said to remain grounded and things would fall into place.

The Two Week Experiment - Day Nine - 11/9/12

Day Nine - 11/9/12 - Did “focus” from OM Harmonics and the Quartz Energy Grid. Not as successful as i’d hoped but a vivid meditation did follow although not much acheived during it. I did get a new configuration from my guides for the QEG designed around healing. I will have to look into it in more detail. I think they want me to pass it on for general use. Tomas my new guide has been sending a lot of energy to my throat chakra. I think it is in preperation for Trance work. Got a load of stuff for a project with Cassie.

The Two Week Experiment - Day Eight - 10/9/12

Day Eight - 10/9/12 - Had a thought “does the Awakening med take me out of Alpha?”, I think it must take me through Alpha more slowly, as I have a lot more downloads than normal but its eventual end must be in Beta. I tried doing the Silva meditation from CD 11 and the Quartz Energy Grid configuration given to me by my
guides for enhanced contact, I immediately got a burst of energy come through and could see that the cornerstones produced an arc like shape that came inwards and met above my head and the keystone in my hands, which shot energy upwards. As I opened my chakras my own energy joined that of the keystone and the arc from the other four shooting upwards, in for want of a better phrase an aerial like configuration. I appeared in my garden, sat and balanced my chakras. Was  very vivid and I got a lot of white healing energy. This connectin was very vivid. The Silva Track helped as did the QEG. Very cool!!!

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