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The Two Week Experiment - Day Two - 4/9/12

Day Two – 4/9/12 - The “Deep Rest” Has definitely made a difference, it did what it said on the box. I woke up in the fireplace (Slept like a log).

I Started the day with “The Awakening” whilst laid in bed and went straight into the Focus on the cushion. I sat in circle with my guides and exchanged energy. It was a great med and got me a long way to getting back on track to where I should be. The day went be in a flash with the enthralling  subject of Unix, Very exciting!! The evening though was great, whilst doing the “Deep Rest” Meditation prior to sleep I saw my own aura around my hands for the first time in a few months. Everything seems to be falling into place. Even with my previous experience OM Harmonics  seem to be accelerating the rate. They seem to have found a way to use sounds as a trigger for the meditative state and to induce certain functions, a lot like the internal vision triggers in visualisation meditations that I have done and taught  in the past. Hold that thought!!! Ended the day with “Deep Rest”

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